Benefits For Dealers

      1. Effective communication: Work directly with the development team, resource team, and manufacturers for new ideas or inspirations.
      2. Quick start on marketing: Marketing materials such as pictures and videos to support advertising campaigns can be provided.
      3. Trust: Our motto is to provide worry-free service, and we stand by our beliefs.
      4. Cooperation:
          • Advertising costs can be shared with qualified dealers.
          • Sales leads can be forwarded to dealers in the exclusive market.
          • We only supply products to Europe and US through a single channel, and we will take good care of the supply of products. We respect the knowledge and services that dealers contribute to selling our products.
          • We continue to work on innovating our product. In today’s modern world, we react to market changes and innovate, creating new and exciting features and designs for our products.
          • We would love to grow together with our dealers and have lower minimum order quantities (MOQs).
          • We do not limit the way distributors operate in the local market. Furthermore, we are willing to share our experiences in multiple markets.
                 5. Keep growing: we strive for the better of us day by day.


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          Phone:  +86-755-28450127. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm CST.