ModMi: Comprehensive Reconfigurable Modular Robot

ModMi: The Desktop Modular Intelligent Robotic System is composed of an array of fundamental modules. These include joint modules, end effector modules, control modules, and additional auxiliary modules.

Each module is self-contained and features standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces. Connecting different modules can be achieved in a mere 3 seconds. This allows users to craft bespoke robotic systems tailored to their preferences, such as manipulators, bipedal walking robots, bipedal climbing robots, two-wheeled mobile robots, and autonomous mobile robots. The Mini Bot offers a diverse range of programming methods, encompassing teach-in programming, graphical programming, and code programming. By integrating AI, students' creativity and imaginative capacities can be effectively stimulated and nurtured.

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See what you can do with ModMi


  • Explore how to master a robot to grip and manipulate objects: With the Mini bot's gripper module, you can learn how to program the robot to pick up and manipulate objects of different shapes and sizes. You could set up a task where the robot must pick up objects and move them to a specific location.


  • Explore what mobility a robot has and how it moves around under different circumstances: With the Mini bot's mobility modules, such as wheels or legs, you can explore how the robot moves in different environments. You could set up an obstacle course for the robot to navigate or challenge it to move over different types of terrain.

Sensors & Communication

  • Explore how many sensors a robot has and how to master them: With the Mini bot's sensor modules, such as cameras or proximity sensors, you can learn how to program the robot to sense its environment and respond to stimuli. You could set up a task where the robot must detect and avoid obstacles or track a specific object.
  • Explore how a robot communicates: With the Mini bot's communication module, you can learn how to program the robot to communicate with other devices or humans. You could set up a task where the robot must transmit data or receive commands wirelessly.

ROS, C++, Python, Java

  • To experience the above-mentioned cool technologies with the Mini bot, you can use your C/C++, Python, C#, or Java knowledge to program the bot and explore its capabilities. You can gain hands-on experience with the Mini bot and develop your skills in programming, robotics, and automation. The Mini bot's modular design makes it easy to customize and extend, allowing you to explore new applications and functionalities as you become more experienced.
  • The F Control Module

    is like the brain and heart of the robot - it serves as the control and power supply center. It supports a variety of functions such as bionic snake movement, robot arm manipulation, biped robot movement, and WiFi communication.

  • The P Control Module

    is like another, more powerful brain and heart for the robot - serving as a control and power supply center. It supports a variety of functions such as 4-leg robot movement, robot arm manipulation, biped robot movement, X-wheel
    mobile robot movement, and WiFi communication.

  • The M Control Module

    is like the most powerful brain and heart of the robot, serving as a control and power supply center. It supports a variety of functions such as mobile robot
    movement with mecanum wheel, 3-wheel mobile robot movement, mobile robot with
    manipulator control, different sensors and WiFi communication. With lidar
    implemented, more can be done with it.

  • The I-joint Module

    Is like upper arm enabling rotary movement, with the range of 0-360 degrees for Research Version and 0-320 degrees Parents Version .

  • The T-joint Module

    Is like forearm enabling swinging movement, with the range of ±90 degrees.

  • The G End Effector Module

    is like a hand, enabling the robot to grip objects.

ModMi for Professional

Industrial Robots

Module M + 4 pcs of module I+ 4pcs of Macanum Wheels

Mecanum wheels allow a robot to move in any direction, including sideways and diagonally. This provides enhanced maneuverability and agility, allowing the robotic toy to navigate through tight spaces and perform precise movements.


Modules P + 12 pcs of Module T

  1. Achieving coordinated leg movement is crucial for stable and efficient locomotion. Designing a mechanism that allows for proper leg coordination, gait generation, and synchronization can be complex.
  2. Maintaining stability and balance is essential for a six-legged robot to walk on various terrains.
  3. Control and coordination: Developing control algorithms to coordinate the movement of all six legs, adjust leg trajectories, and respond to environmental conditions is a complex task.
  4. More for you to figure out.
4-wheel Mobile Robot

Innovative Robots

Module P + 4 pcs of Module I + 4 pcs of Omni Wheels

  1. Exceptional maneuverability: The combination of an X-shaped chassis and omni wheels provides outstanding maneuverability. The robot can move effortlessly in any direction, including forward, backward, sideways, and rotate smoothly in place. This allows for dynamic and agile movements, making the toy highly engaging and interactive.
  2. Omni-directional mobility: With four omni wheels, the robotic toy can move freely in all directions without needing to change its orientation. This feature enables the toy to navigate through tight spaces, perform intricate patterns, and exhibit versatile movement capabilities.
  3. For you to explore more...

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