1, Q: What are the experimental courses?

A: The experimental courses include:

  • Control: mechanical arm, wheeled mobile robot, bionic multi-legged...
  • AI: Vision-color recognition, Vision-QR code recognition, Vision-face recognition, Vision-speech recognition, Vision-voice control, Visual Voice Conversation.
  • ROS: Simulation MiniBot, autonomous navigation, autonomous positioning, follow autonomously, sports planning...


2, Q: What majors can these courses be applied to?

A: These courses can be applied to various majors, including robotic engineering, automation, mechatronic engineering, mechanical manufacturing and automation, intelligent manufacturing engineering, artificial intelligence, intelligent science and technology, industrial robot, electrical automation, and mechatronics computer application technology.

3, Q: How many students should share one kit?

A: We recommend that 4-6 students use one kit in a group.

4, Q: Which robot kit should I recommend to parents, Modmi bot, or Minibot?

A: We recommend the Modmi bot, but if parents are enthusiasts, the Minibot can also be a good choice.